Coffee List Friday April 17

Coffee available Today

Guatemala “Finca La Pastoria” – American roast

Soft chocolate with subtle sweet pineapple notes and a savory finish

Mexico Chiapas “Jacinto” – City roast

Classic Mexico with a light body, chocolate and walnut notes, sweet finish

Brazil Daterra “Santa Colomba” – City roast

Very silky medium body, toasted peanuts, sweet caramel, chocolate

Brazil Daterra “Peaberry Pearl” American roast

Very silky medium body with caramel and citrus notes.

Brazil Daterra “Sweet Blue” – Full City roast

Drip: Medium to heavy body, dark caramel notes and a long buttery finish with hints of cedar

Espresso: deep chocolate.

Java “Kayumas” – Full City roast

Buttery/heavy mouth feel, deeply roasted sweet nut, chocolate and oak notes,  long rich finish

India “Monsooned Malabar AA” – Shade Grown

Aged during the monsoon season – this coffee is very soft, sweet and has almost no acidity.

Roasted very lightly, it is the perfect cup for any time of the day.

Mexico “Jacinto” – Vienna roast

Sweet walnut and toast notes with no dark overhang

Sumatra Mandheling – French roast – Ethically Traded

Heavy bodied with deep earth and resinous malt notes with a long finish

Illuminator Espresso

Our Flagship espresso: big dense crema – thick, sweet and complex

Euro blend

Our darkest blend, “Euro” is reminiscent of the dark and flavorful coffees available in European Cafes.

Black & Tan blend

A balanced blend of dark and medium roast. Black & Tan gives you the dark notes up front and finishes soft without the dark overhang of French roast.

Theresa’s blend (low caffeine)

 A blend of medium roast regular and decaf coffees