Coffee list 9-30-15

New Arrivals

Brazil “Bobolink” Direct Trade Brazil


Sumatra “Mandheling” – French roast

Classic Sumatra – heavy bodied, earthy cedar notes, dry leathery finish.

Java “Jampit” – City roast – sold out

Medium body, milk chocolate – savoury finish

Brazil “Bob-o-link” – City roast

Medium body, roasted nuts, caramel, deep sweet soft finish

Burundi “Mpanga” – American roast

Creamy body, lime zest, marshmallow (circus peanut candy)

Ethiopia natural “Amaro” – American roast

Silky body, subtle blueberry, dried banana,

Ethiopia Longberry Harrar “Bagersh” – American roast

Medium/heavy body,  deep berry notes, lemon, dark chocolate

Illuminator Espresso – ET

Our Flagship espresso, big dense crema – thick, sweet and complex

Sweet Blend espresso

This is a new lighter and sweeter espresso blend.

Espresso Sicilia

Our darker “Southern Italian Style” espresso it is more intense than Illuminator

with a longer dark chocolate finish

Java “Jampit” single origin espresso

This single origin espresso is a chocolate bomb. It is double dark chocolate with a  bakers cocoa finish.

Euro blend – ET

Our darkest blend, “Euro” is reminiscent of the dark and flavourful coffees available in European Cafes.

Black & Tan blend – ET

A balanced blend of dark and medium roast. Black & Tan gives you the dark notes up front and finishes softly without the dark overhang of French roast.

Brazil “Swiss Water Process” decaf

Sweet Brazil nuttiness, a medium body and a soft finish.

Theresa’s blend (low caffeine)

 A blend of medium roast regular and decaf coffees