Coffee list 2-26-15


Sulawesi “Toraja”

Roasted to just out of first crack it is vibrant bright and fruity.

“Blawan” Estate Java single origin espresso -

Thick and viscous coating your palate with big, buttery chocolate, dried figs, tobacco and malt notes. “Blawan” finishes with very dry oak and cocoa notes.

Ethically Traded “Vienna Blend”

Sweet milk chocolate aroma, initial milk chocolate notes that slowly move to cocoa with subtle hazelnut undertones. Long hazelnut and walnut finish that is slowly drying and ends with dry dark cocoa notes.

New Arrival 2-19

Burundi SEGEC “Mpanga”

Silky, with molasses, malt, butter, chocolate and lime zest notes and a sweet/savory finish.  No wonder this mill produced the #1 2104 Brundi COE coffee.

Recent arrivals

Brazil “Oberon” natural – Vienna roast Medium body with notes of  malt and roasted nuts with a soft finish.

Java “Blawan”  – Roasted to Full City – Tobacco, sweet chocolate, and cinnamon notes

Kenya AA+ “Nguvu” – Intense stone fruit flavors, lemony with herbaceous floral notes

Colombia “El Bado” microlot – We have a limited amount of this beautiful microlot. It has honey/caramel sweetness, complex dark chocolate, fig and  strawberry notes, and a rich-velvety body, buttery finish


Our 2nd annual Yuletide Blend - Last year we offered our first dark Holiday blend. Based on the overwhelming response, we will now offered a new “Yuletide Blend” every year. Available through the end of February, “Yuletide” is heavy bodied with deep flavours like cocoa, licorice and a dark roasted malt finish to sustain you through the dark days of winter.


Sumatra “Mandheling” – French roast

Classic Sumatra – heavy bodied with earthy cedar notes with a dry, leathery finish.

Mexico “Jacinto” – Full City roast

Light/medium body with nut, leather and tobacco notes and a dry finish

Panama “Boquete” – City roast Serving now!

Medium body with notes of milk chocolate and Seville orange.

India  “Monsooned Malabar, Jayanti” Shade grown – City roast, ET

Classic Monsooned flavor profile with a silky mouth feel, and notes of cedar and sweet spice, with a long substantial finish.

Illuminator Espresso – ET serving now

Our Flagship espresso: big dense crema – thick, sweet and complex

Espresso Sicilia -

Our darker “Southern Italian Style” espresso it is more intense than Illuminator

with a longer dark chocolate finish

Euro blend – ET

Our darkest blend, “Euro” is reminiscent of the dark and flavorful coffees available in European Cafes.

Black & Tan blend – ET Serving now!

A balanced blend of dark and medium roast. Black & Tan gives you the dark notes up front and finishes softly without the dark overhang of French roast.

Brazil “Swiss Water Process” decaf

Sweet Brazil nuttiness, a medium body and a soft finish.

Theresa’s blend (low caffeine)

 A blend of medium roast regular and decaf coffees