Coffee list 9-01-15

New Arrivals 8-25

Burundi “Mpanga” – Creamy body, lime zest, marshmallow (circus peanut candy)

Brazil “Bobolink” Direct Trade Brazil


Sumatra “Mandheling” – French roast

Classic Sumatra – heavy bodied, earthy cedar notes, dry leathery finish.

Sumatra “Mandheling” – Vienna roast

heavy  body, dark chocolate, earthy notes

Java “Jampit” – Full City roast

Medium/heavy body, milk chocolate – savory finish

Colombia “El Bado” microlot – City roast

Red Fruit, sweet, satisfying

Brazil “Bobolink” – City roast

medium body, roasted nuts, caramel, deep sweet soft finish

Burundi “Mpanga” – American roast

Creamy body, lime zest, marshmallow (circus peanut candy)

Illuminator Espresso – ET

Our Flagship espresso, big dense crema – thick, sweet and complex

Single Origin Burundi  espresso

We will be roasting, cupping and pulling shots of this this week.

It may be ready Friday.

Espresso Sicilia

Our darker “Southern Italian Style” espresso it is more intense than Illuminator

with a longer dark chocolate finish

Java “Jampit” single origin espresso

This single origin espresso is a chocolate bomb. It is double dark chocolate with a  bakers cocoa finish.

Euro blend – ET

Our darkest blend, “Euro” is reminiscent of the dark and flavourful coffees available in European Cafes.

Black & Tan blend – ET

A balanced blend of dark and medium roast. Black & Tan gives you the dark notes up front and finishes softly without the dark overhang of French roast.

Brazil “Swiss Water Process” decaf

Sweet Brazil nuttiness, a medium body and a soft finish.

Theresa’s blend (low caffeine)

 A blend of medium roast regular and decaf coffees