FTO Harar “O.C.F.C.U.” tasting notes

Unreal classic Harar blueberry aroma, very clean and sweet fruit/ferment and milk chocolate notes with a long Pinot Noir like finish. Harar as it should be.


My palate has reached its limit

Have spent the last 2 hours sample roasting and cupping 2 Kenya, 1 Brazil.

It was hard to bag the Kenya samples to wait for tomorrow.

The aroma of sweet lemon, stone fruit and floral notes is very vibrant.

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There is no better exercise for anyone in the Specialty Coffee business

than cupping under strictly controlled conditions with a focus on a particular outcome, (to follow a standardized cupping protocol every single time, and cup with a focus on aroma, or the initial flavor notes or finish, etc).

We cup production every day with 2 criteria in mind – QC (any taints, unusual flavor notes or problems) and then consistency of the flavor profile.

We have identified flavor notes in each coffee, that we feel are evident when the sample is roasted with the correct profile and end point.

The cupping forms that I use are slightly different than the standard form that is used by our staff.

It is essential to use a form that is easy for cuppers to communicate what they taste in the sample. It took quite some time to put together forms that work for cuppers with varying degrees of experience as well as differences in palate sensitivity.

Cupping Guatemala El Injertal – New Roast Profile

We cupped the new roast profile of Guatemala El Injertal. We used very high initial charge temperatures without adding additional heat, which is different from the way we roasted the Guatemala up to this point. My goal was to increase the acidity and mouthfeel of this great coffee by shortening the roast time and keeping first crack at around 8 minutes.

Cupping Notes

Fragrance (ground coffee;dry): Toasted nuts, good coffee aroma, and a hint of burned fattiness.

Aroma (water added to coffee): Milk chocolate, dry earth and dark chocolate

Body: This is a perfect example of a medium bodied coffee

Acidity: Initially, drying cocoa and after 30 minutes of cooling, a fruit acidity came through huge.

Flavor:  Not addressed in this cupping