FTO Harar “O.C.F.C.U.” tasting notes

Unreal classic Harar blueberry aroma, very clean and sweet fruit/ferment and milk chocolate notes with a long Pinot Noir like finish. Harar as it should be.


Cupping notes: Tanzania “Mshikamano”

Beautiful sweet/lemon and caramel aroma at the break

Powerful, bright and juicy acidity that turns to tropical fruit and lemon

Big dry finish

This coffee is amazing.

Cupping Ethiopian Yirgacheffe AMB American Roast

1-27-10 Initial cupping of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe AMB production roast.

Fragrance (dry) – Dark chocolate, sweet oak

Aroma (wet) – Candied Myer lemon peel, bitter chocoalte

Body – Light/Medium

Acidity – Up front and moving into creamy molasses notes

Flavor – Very complex ride for your palate.  Citrus is sweet lemon,  moving into very creamy boozy pear with milky chocolate notes in the finish

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Cupping Notes – Ethiopian Longberry Harar, 1-21-2010

AMB Longberry Harar,  American roast + 24 hours: This is not the M.A.O. Harar that up until now was our standard. It seems that with the corruption in the Ethiopian coffee industry some coffees may no longer be available. I am afraid that M.A.O. Harar will no longer be available.

The aroma of this Harar is lighter with a slight sweet fruit punch like aroma,  medium bodied with a juicy sweetness (almost Korate-like) that ends with a very winey finish.

Although not the flavor profile you would expect, the coffees from Ethiopia are in flux and will change. We have come to love this coffee.