Ethiopians are next to arrive.

We are looking for some better results from Ethiopia this year. Really great Harar has been the most difficult to obtain recently – we will just have to wait until mid July – early August to see.


New greens have arrived!!!

Since my last post we have added a few gems to our coffee list. These include;  Sumatra “Harimau Tiger”, Brazil “Yellow Bourbon”, India Plantation A “Kaapi Royale”, Costa Rica Mountain Water Process decaf,  and Rwanda “Nkurubuye washing station”. Over the next week I will be adding descriptions and cupping notes.

Blackout Espresso – We found a name for our new espresso

Blackout Espresso is our new organic espresso blend. We were looking to add a heavier espresso to compliment our Illuminator Espresso blend, which is lighter with more acidity.

Blackout Espresso has a syrup like mouthfeel, it is crazy thick, with sweet molasses up front, coats your mouth with brown sugar and tobacco, finishing with huge chocolate notes. Absolutely amazing; when finished, you think you just finished a rich chocolate dessert. This was pulled on our 4 group LaMarzocco with a brew temp of 198° F.

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