New Espresso blend: “Black & Blue” will be in the hoppers tomorrow morning

We really like this new blend –
I had to go back to my 2007 roast logs to find the framework of this blend which eventually became Illuminator 1.0
I always liked the viscosity of the early Illuminator but not the finish.
Switched out one of the origins, and changed the final end temp.
Really syrupy and thick with sweet caramel notes in the finish that linger…


“Euro Blend”, new release tomorrow, 5-21

Europeans love their coffee dark. We pay homage to cafe and bistro culture with this dark blend. Euro Blend has a deep resinous richness with dark molasses¬† notes and a very smooth tobacco like finish.¬† Best consumed in the company of Monk, Coltrane, Mingus or Bergman…