Today’s brewed coffee

Sumatra “Harimau Tiger” – French roast

Mexico “Jacinto” – City roast

Cold brew – single origin Mexico “Jacinto”

On the bar – Illuminator


4/29/10 Today’s Brewed Coffee

Sumatra Mandheling,  “Harimau Tiger” – French Roast

India Plantation-A,  “Kaapi Royale” – City Roast

Rwanda “Nkurubuye washing station” – American Roast

On the bar:

Espresso “Roma“, and

“single origin Sumatra Mandheling”

Cupping Ethiopian Yirgacheffe AMB American Roast

1-27-10 Initial cupping of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe AMB production roast.

Fragrance (dry) – Dark chocolate, sweet oak

Aroma (wet) – Candied Myer lemon peel, bitter chocoalte

Body – Light/Medium

Acidity – Up front and moving into creamy molasses notes

Flavor – Very complex ride for your palate.  Citrus is sweet lemon,  moving into very creamy boozy pear with milky chocolate notes in the finish

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